Free Prescription and Cost Analysis

Everyone loves a deal!  Here is ours for you.  We offer free of charge a Prescription and Cost Analysis on your medicines.  First, we have our pharmacist go over your list of medicines and check for potentially harmful Drug Interactions.  Then our pharmacist looks for cost saving alternatives to your drug regimen that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.  Then we give you a list of cost saving changes that could be made to your prescriptions that you can discuss with your doctor.  

We have had a great response from our customers with this service.  One customer saved over $1,800.00 by asking her doctor to change just two of her prescriptions to cheaper, more cost effective prescriptions.  She was thrilled to know that she wouldn't hit her gap in Medicare coverage because of the changes we suggested.  

If you are concerned about your prescriptions and would like us to evaluate them for interactions and cost effectiveness, we would love to help.  Here is the information we need from you:  A list of your medications including name, strength, frequency you take them per day, and the quantity you normally receive in a prescription.  Call us at Colonial Family Pharmacy with your list at 814-835-0000.  We can then schedule a time for you to come in and talk to our pharmacist about your prescriptions, any interactions we may find, and the cost saving suggestions we can make for you to give your doctor.
"Fast and Friendly is how we do business."

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